Training Activities to Implement the Data Protection Reform

A project to organize specialized and multidisciplinary training activities, tailored on the needs of future Data Protection Officers in Europe

GDPR: Data Protection Officer

University of Derby


We are offering Data Protection Officer (DPO) training that focuses on addressing the changes in the data protection regulations and how this impacts on developing, overseeing and implementing data protection policy

3 specialized coursesOne in Italy, one in Spain and one in the United Kingdom, based on 3 training modules, strongly intertwined with each other


3 specialized coursesOne in Italy, one in Spain and one in the United Kingdom, based on 3 training modules, strongly intertwined with each other

Legal Module

With a focus on providing knowledge about the legal framework for data protection.

Technical, organizational and Impact Assessment Module

Targeting technical aspects of data creation, management, storing, as well as the ability to organize strategies and evaluate policies

Behavioural and Security Module

Aimed at allowing participants to understand the impact of data in the behaviour of a given organization, and to acquire the ability to manage the security-related aspects involved

The approach

The TAtoDPR approach to such issues is conceived to consider both theoretical and practical aspects, without neglecting either of them. For this reason, attendees to TAtoDPR courses will be able to test the knowledge and expertise acquired during the learning activities, both in simulated use-cases (Challenge Based Learning Methodology) and in real-life environments.



TAtoDPR’s ultimate objective is to prepare and train professionals to effectively perform the duties of Data Protection Officers as outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation.

TAtoDPR’s long-term goal is to generate increased harmonization across Member States in the field of data management for people and organizations alike, protecting both and providing an excellent model for future Data Protection-related strategies.

Activities and Work Packages

Data Protection Officer

A new, specific professional profile which will benefit people, enterprises and public organizations alike.

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Here’s the new video about TAtoDPR the 3 specialized courses for the training of professional DPOs. One of the courses is held in Naples, hosted by Università degli Studi ‘Suor Orsola Benincasa’​, one in Spain, hosted by Universidad de Sevilla, and one in the United Kingdom, hosted by the University of Derby. Each course will be…

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