Activities and work packages

In five steps

History of a shared project

The objective of this Work Package will be to ensure the correct and smooth implementation of project activities. Within this WP, coordination activities will be carried out throughout the duration of the project so as to provide sound management and continued cooperation between partners. In addition, all quality assurance and dissemination & communication tasks will be executed

This Work Package will aim first and foremost at the collection of materials for the development of the legal module, including the most advanced and appropriate literature in all the relevant topics. Such material will then be organized to be provided to the students in a flexible format (Digital or Paper). Materials will be available in three languages, i.e. Italian, Spanish and English

This WP is aimed at designing the technical, organisational and impact assessment module, including the theoretical part and the adaptive part.  Within this Work Package, the main activities will revolve around the research and collection of materials for the Technical, organizational and Impact Assessment Module for subsequent preparation of studying material for the courses, both in digital and paper format and in three European Languages (Italian, Spanish, English)

This WP will be devoted to the collection of material for the behavioural and security module, including the most advanced and appropriate literature on such topics, which will then be organized into texts for students in Italian, Spanish, English and both in paper and digital formats.

This Work Package will focus on the provision of 3 DPO courses in the 3 European Countries involved, each with 30 attendees. Such courses will require preparatory activities regarding the Challenge Based Learning (CBL) Methodology chosen, which entails the creation of simulations and use cases where students have the opportunity to test their competences along their learning path.

At the same time, the recruitment of course attendees will take place, according to a quality-based selection procedure.

Later on, the courses will be delivered in each country, based on the tasks carried out in WP2-3-4 and on the CBL use cases previously identified.

Finally, this WP will deliver the TAtoDPR exploitation strategy of project results