TAtoDPR_The video about the DPOs Courses

Here's the new video about TAtoDPR the 3 specialized courses for the training of professional DPOs.

One of the courses is held in Naples, hosted by Università degli Studi 'Suor Orsola Benincasa'​, one in Spain, hosted by Universidad de Sevilla, and one in the United Kingdom, hosted by the University of Derby.
Each course will be based on 3 major training modules, strongly intertwined with each other:
- Legal Module, with a focus on providing knowledge about the legal framework for data protection;
- Technical, organizational and Impact Assessment Module, targeting technical aspects of data creation, management, storing, as well as the ability to devise data management strategies and evaluate the impact of policies;
- Behavioral and Security Module, aimed at allowing participants to understand the impact of data in the behavior of a given organization, and to acquire the ability to manage the security-related aspects involved.
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