Università degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa (UNISOB)

Università degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa (UNISOB) (www.unisob.na.it) is one of the oldest universities in Italy, with traditional vocation for human sciences and law, and with a renewed aim to bring the world of law-related sciences and humanistic knowledge to the realm of the most advanced scientific and technological development. This was made possible both by the foundation of the Interdepartmental Research Centre "Scienza Nuova” (www.centroscienzanuova.it, with particular regard to UTOPIA Lab), aimed at creating a bridge between humanities and technologies, and by the recent establishment of a PhD in Humanities and Technologies.

UNISOB has authoritative experience in law research and teaching, also in the field of data protection and privacy. The TAtoDPR team at UNISOB has previously organized one of the first courses on Data Protection in Italy in 2017 and a research project on privacy has been conducted with a methodological mixed approach (legal and behavioural) in the UTOPIA Lab.

The TAToDPR team at UNISOB is also characterized by high specialization in the areas of harmonization of European law. This field of research has been formalized with the constitution of the Research centre ReCEPL (https://www.unisob.na.it/ateneo/c008.htm?vr=1) .

UNISOB, as coordinator of the project, will host the training activities in Italy and will also contribute by arranging the plan for the courses, ensuring the compliance of the selection procedure with the stated requirements of the call, as well as by facilitating cooperation within the whole partnership.



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